GarageKits.US Paintfest

The GarageKits.US Paintfest class was a blast.

Jesse and his crew put on a great class feature excellent instructors, paints, and Victoria (our subject matter.
In a nutshell, the Paintfest is an airbrush class intended to provide students with new tips and techniques they can use to finish a model kit.  The Paintfest class featured two options for students, a horror based paint job or a beauty based paint job.  Rick Cantu handled the horror incarnation while Jim Capone did the beauty one.

In addition to the choice of schemes, students were offered two different equipment packages.  There was the complete package and a class package.  Both packages included all the paints (Garage Kit US Colors) and miscellaneous tools required to finish the model in their chosen scheme.  The difference  between the two packages is the this: the students choosing the complete package received their choice of an airbrush (Iwata HP-B Plus or an H&S Infinity 2 in 1) and an air compressor, also theirs to keep.

I took the horror class along with DJMayday and lets just say I was blown away by the whole experience.  Between the students, instructors, and materials, the class was top notch.

Rick’s scheme used varying strengths of mottling to create a sexy vampire chick look on the bust.  Very cool technique that makes you freak out as you progress and not in a good way.  The technique basically has you “screwing up” your paint job with successive layers of mottling, essentially taken a basic flesh tone to a purple mess, to blue and purple mess, then to a patchy blue/purple/fleshy yuck.  After a few more layers of paint you get a pretty cool looking undead flesh tone that can be as pale or warm as you want or need it to be.

While I tried to listen in when I could, I did not get much of a chance to pick up any of the beauty paint job tips/tricks/techniques.

Jesse gave a sneak peak of the subject matter for next years class, sexy steampunk…  The kit is being based on a character/alter-ego of model Sarah Hunter, aka Lady Clankington.  Here is her home page, warning: contains not safe for work (NSFW) images.

Below are some pictures from the class, including some progress shots.
Paintfest 2013 (1 of 25) Rick’s completed Victoria statue.
Paintfest 2013 (2 of 25) Jim’s Victoria paint-up.
Paintfest 2013 (3 of 25) The primed statue.
Paintfest 2013 (7 of 25) The base flesh tone is applied.
Paintfest 2013 (8 of 25)Purple added for that non-living look.
Paintfest 2013 (9 of 25) Blue veining added.
Paintfest 2013 (10 of 25) The first layer of flesh tone to be mottled.
Paintfest 2013 (13 of 25)
Paintfest 2013 (11 of 25)Paintfest 2013 (12 of 25) The flesh after all the mottling and a thin, translucent layer of a pale flesh color to further knock back the blue and purple tones.  The skin was adjusted some more later on after blocking in the hair, more thin layers of the flesh tone were added to further refine it.

Paintfest 2013 (22 of 25) The hair and lace on the corset are blocked in with black in preparation for painting the corset.
Paintfest 2013 (23 of 25)
The face and skin after blocking in the hair in black.
Paintfest 2013 (24 of 25)
Silly Putty mask and the dress is painted with transparent colors, built slowly to give a crushed velvet look.  Rick did this step, my piece was picked for the class demo of this step.
Paintfest 2013 (25 of 25) The dress with the Silly Putty removed.


And here are some random shots taken of the classes…


More pictures of Wonderfest to come…

Looking forward to next year!

All images copyright and courtesy of Edward Miles, all rights reserved

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